A massive thanks to all who attended and made it such a great meeting! From left to right: Amanda Amodeo (Princeton), Peter Pryciak (UMass), Gabriel Neurohr (MIT), Devon Chandler-Brown (Stanford), Fabian Rudolf (ETH), Mimi Xie (Stanford), Me, Matthew Swaffer (Stanford), Daniel Berenson (Stanford), Jon Turner (Stanford), Ben Topacio (Stanford), Ali Shariati (Stanford), Sirle and Mardo Koivomagi (Stanford), Aurora Alvarez-Buylla (Stanford), Kurt Schmoller (Munich), Rob de Bruin (UCL), Evgeny Zatulovskiy (Stanford), Bruce Futcher (SUNY).

Let the field be warned, we are going to get to the bottom on this question!


AuthorJan Skotheim