Jenny's paper is out!

Jenny shows how the major cell cycle kinase Cdk1 directly activates Nth1 to reroute carbon fluxes to promote completion of the cell cycle. Nth1 is important for utilizing carbon stored in the storage carbohydrate pool. Mobilizing this extra pool of building block can be essential when yeast are growing in poor environments. We were initially motivated to do this work from Bruce Futcher's beautiful essay on the finishing kick to Start. It turns out there is a finishing kick, but it isn't to the start of the cell cycle, but rather to push on through to the end. More broadly, this work shows how the oscillation of Cdk1 activity can directly entrain fluxes in central carbon metabolism to meet the temporally specific biosynthetic demands of the cell cycle. A similar conclusion was also reached by Bruce Futcher's group so see there paper out in the same Mol Cell issue as well. Here is a link to our paper

AuthorJan Skotheim